They say “Technology is the biggest innovation”.
With the inundation in technologies, all the market standards are adopting them in their own way and are implementing them, for meeting their business insights.

Out of ample of technological solutions, there are few of them that sweeps almost all the industries through the storm and the one that is currently catching the high user attention rate is Audio QR .

What is Audio QR ?

Much more similar to your Bluetooth and NFC, it allows you to make the transactions over the connected devices. With Audio QR, two devices placed, within the suitable diameter range may interconnect. Using the ultrasonic sound system, it identifies the other user through the sound and permits you to transfer the data, without sharing any sensitive information.

The Ultrasonic Frequencies:

Ultrasound is the sound range or frequencies used by electronic devices in communication. Practically, these are the sound vibrations above 20,000Hz. Since it consumes high bandwidth, the data transfer remains very slow. However, this technology can be used to transfer small files or large files in small parts.

It works in a simple way – the speaker at one end throws ultrasound frequencies in form of pulses. The receiver at the other end captures the pulses and converts the frequencies back in the original data.

Audio QR can be currently said as one of the most astute mechanisms for making the digital payments. It works as a great substitute for both NFC and QR code scanner, thus motivating the Mobile App developers to use it as a great tool for meeting the vast crowd of the digital economy.

The communication based on the ultrasonic waves is not a new concept and has been used with the some of the earlier devices. Going back in the previous days, ultrasonic waves were used for transferring the data in chrome cast to connect the devices. Brands such as Lisnr, Chirp have also used it for data transfer.

Recently, Google launched its payment app in India named Google Tez. This is for the first time when these waves are being used for making the payments in a safe andsecure form.
The reason ultrasonic waves are used in Audio QR is the frequency range of these waves are very compatible with smartphone’s mike and speakers. Hence the voice in the form of waves can be easily transferred to the other person that has audio QR functionality activated on any of the Mobile Apps.